winnie the pooh pregnant costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

I love playing dress-up so naturally I love Halloween. The past couple of years I've done my best to create a couple's costume idea that still allowed my DH to not feel like he has a costume on, while still being creative. Here are the Halloween costume ideas from over the years: Pregnant Skeleton Being 30 weeks pregnant I wanted to find an office friendly costume that was still relevant to my expectant mom status - this one was a hit! Shirt - Etsy - I pinned a flower to the baby's head since I'm having a girl Black pants or skirt Face makeup (white and black makeup and pink lipstick) Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin That same year I wanted  a different ... read more

6 Month Old Baby Photoshoot

6 Month Old Family Photoshoot

Our First Baby Photoshoot It's no secret that I love photos. I believe capturing a memory, moment or expression in a photo is a true treasure to cherish for a lifetime. Initially we wanted to do professional newborn photos but those first few weeks were such a whirlwind, they were over before we knew it! One of our good friends always has the most amazing professional photos taken so naturally I wanted to use that same photographer. All photos included in this post taken by the amazing Maggie Minhas. We ended up getting over 100 incredible edited photos - here are a few of my favorites. <3 ... read more


Bump on Display – Our Maternity Photoshoot

I've always adored maternity photoshoots. I think the pregnancy body is such a beautiful thing. We didn't budget for a professional shoot but as I got further along in the pregnancy I realized I really wanted to have some sort of photo keepsake while Siena was still in my belly. I chatted with my old boss and dear friend, Jill Neil, who has an eye for photos and is really creative and she agreed to take some casual photos of us with our nice camera. We went to Malaga Cove at Palos Verdes, the same location that we exchanged our vows a year prior. So pleased with how the photos came out! Here are our favorites from our maternity photoshoot! ... read more

pregnant tips

Pregnancy Survival – 9 Things I Couldn’t Bump Without

As I turn 40 weeks pregnant and am about to start my 10th month (yes you read that correctly) of pregnancy, I want to reflect on this journey before my little makes her arrival and then it will all be a distant memory! I was very fortunate to have a great pregnancy experience. Was I emotional at times - of course, did my body ache every damn day - yep and did I feel completely large and not so in charge - you bet. But I counted my blessings every day that I did not experience morning sickness or complications that required strict bed rest. Though I currently sit here extremely uncomfortable and am trying to do everything in my power to get this little girl to come out, I know I will ... read more

baby girl nursery decor

Nursery for Baby Girl

It's incredible how strong the "nesting" desire is when you're pregnant. Ever since I entered the 3rd trimester, the main thing on my mind has been cleaning, organizing and decorating the nursery. It's literally all I want to do. Fortunately we live in a 2 bedroom apartment (albeit small) so Siena will get her own room however we had to transform the office/storage room/Jeff''s closet into a nursery. When you live in an apartment that has ZERO storage space (not even a broom closet or pantry) this proves to be a challenge! It's not 100% done yet (will it ever be for my nesting self? probably not) but here is our pink, white, gray and gold nursery! The crib was a gift from my ... read more

baby shower ideas

Virginia Baby Shower for Siena Rose

My family threw us a baby shower at their home in Virginia over Labor Day weekend and it was fantastic! Loved helping my mom with all the last minute details. It was so much fun and it was a big success. Here are some of the details. Tulle wrapped letter S with flower/pearl detail. Inspired by and tissue paper pom poms.   Adorable marshmallow ballerinas for the dessert table - super easy and adorable DIY project for a little girl's shower or birthday! Beautiful gift box shaped cake from Angel's Bake Shop in Woodbridge, VA. Displayed pom poms, letter S and onesies on a clothesline on the fireplace mantel. Chalkboard sign. ... read more

Florence Italy

10 Reasons to Visit Florence

  Being 100% Italian with family living in Italy, I've been fortunate to have been able to visit Florence many times in my life. This trip was extra special because it was our honeymoon and I also was able to visit with family as well. We stayed in a great 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Airbnb right across the street from Mercato Centrale and a short walk from the main train station. I highly recommend this location as it was a short walk from all the great sights in Florence. Here is a list of my top 10 reasons to visit Florence. It's the perfect home base in the Tuscany region Great and easy to use Train system connecting other cities/towns It's Piazzas (plazas) are beautiful and ... read more

Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre – The Italian Rivera’s Best Kept Secret

Arriving in Cinque Terre was like stepping into the most beautiful dream. Translates to "Five Towns", each of these towns has something unique and wonderful to offer. Out of all the places we went to in Europe on our honeymoon, Cinque Terre was hands down my favorite. We took the train from Pisa into La Spezia and then a commuter train into Riomaggiore, the southernmost town of the 5.  Riomaggiore is one large hill so if you have very heavy luggage this isn't the ideal place to stay. Fortunately since I packed light, this wasn't an issue for us. :) Many people choose to see all 5 towns in one day -- as a day trip. This is completely feasible as we traveled to all five in one day. However ... read more

Spring in Paris

Springtime in Paris

Ella Fitzgerald had it right -- "I love Paris every moment Every moment of the year I love Paris, why oh, why do I love Paris? Because my love is near I love Paris in the spring time..." We spent 3.5 days (April 8-11) in Paris and I couldn't be more in love with this city. We stayed in a great airbnb in the La Marais area, a historic district in the 3rd arrondissement. The tiny studio is just that -- tiny, but oh so charming with it's 6th floor view and large red french door entryway to the building.  On the corner of our street is our favorite morning cafe,  Le Voltigeur (45 Rue des Francs Bourqeois) that does some creative cappuccino art. The weather fortunately was great ... read more

Use packing cubes for travel

How to pack (for 2 people) for a 3 week Spring vacation

As soon as we officially booked our 3 week European honeymoon I began my research on everything and anything, including how to pack. Every website urged me not to take too many suitcases as wheeling everything around on cobblestone roads is frustrating is screams 'tourist'. I decided I was going to challenge myself and pack one medium sized checked luggage for both myself and my husband. Most important takeaways: - Plan to do laundry at least once. I packed enough to get us both through 9 days before doing laundry. You'd be surprised how many different ways you can style the same shirt. - ROLL like there's no tomorrow. Fold your clothes then roll them tightly together. Not only ... read more